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Real People talking sh*t about their Ex

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she broke up with me saying she wasn't in the right place for a relationship and then turned around and posted 3 thirst traps on tiktok within the first week post-breakup

[submitted by anon]

we broke up 3 times. before the first time we took a 2 week break where we agreed to not see/talk to anyone else but I later found out she was on bumble at the time. the second time we broke up she guilted me into getting back together and then later basically told me she was embarrassed by me at her halloween party the next month. she also told me that I made her feel bad when I talked about white privilege bc she was white. the joke’s on her bc she’s now dating a VSCO girl and I turned out to be transgender lol

[submitted by Lev]

So this asshole was an art kid who came from MONEY. You know? There was never a point in trying to discuss the relationship with them because nothing was ever their fault n if they were being straight up abusive, (they straight up hit me during arguments n like TRY to hurt me amongst other things) its not them its their mental illness n if u didnt put up with it you were awful. So anyway once they moved out their parents house they lived in my studio, never paid rent, never cleaned the studio or their cats litter box and spent all their money on weed. N the only time they were romantic with me was when they saw other more attractive girls give me attention. Which hurt bc i thought they were just an asshole by default but when i saw THEY COULDA BEEN SWEET THE WHOLE TIME??? I felt like a childs toy they only play with when another person wants it. So i dumped them but let them stay at my place n for months after the break up theyd literally cry to have sex n guilt me into dicking them down but the first time they convinced me was bc they got me piss drunk…… It was HORRIBLE!! till one day they walked in on me having sex with someone i actually liked n i tossed their shit out. That was kinda cool. But either way im out of that n learned that sometimes ppl just need a therapist, their mom n a punching bag b4 they get a partner.

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