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"Kind of Close"

A couple of years ago, I started a new job and immediately hit it off with a coworker. It was sparks (aka, most likely toxic ones)(I was too young then to know). Anyway, she was like inviting me to shadow her on her job etc etc. It was flirty from the get go. One day she followed me on insta and then she started dm'ing me like EVERY DAY. Obviously I was into it because I had a crush, but she had a girlfriend (so like fuck her twice for hurting my feelings and for being a c*** to her own partner). So she never ever texted me, only ever dm'd me. Would dm me late in the night telling me "She's never felt so seen before." etc. We would go to a gay bar and get smashed every Thursday and we would be touchy and flirty etc. One night she suggested we make dinner together and she was over until FOUR AM. Next day she came back over and hung out for eight hours. I'm for sure partially responsible, but she kept telling me she was planning on breaking up with her ex, so I just figured she was going to come around any second. Finally, after months of this, I wrote her a card telling her that I had feelings for her, and she acted shocked like she had never thought about it. I told her that I would need to take my space now, because I couldn't keep doing the runaround with her. SHE KEPT CONTACTING ME. I was like I have put up my boundary now. Goodbye. All of this would be bad enough. Except that the very worst part of it all, was that I didn't tell any of my coworkers because I wanted to protect her reputation. Little did I know she told all of them herself. She told them I caught feelings for no reason and that we were "kind of close." I. am speechless even now. One of my close friends confronted her and she played dumb. Anyway. I'm dating the cutest girl in the world now, and she is probably still with her poor girlfriend who thinks I'm the enemy. But in the words of the wise maddie ross, maybe I am the fucking enemy but fuck you you fucking turd.


Burger King Toilet Sex

We got together and he was showing all his “friends” ,which was pretty much the entire popular male population in our school year, my nudes and then told everyone about our sex life which made them fe


My ex is a fucking dickwad who needs to honestly take his tiny shrivelled penis and shove it in a blender. i hope he catches an std from his new girl. he needs to jump off a cliff and drown [submitted

Ears Bunny Babe!

Decided to text me while literally fucking someone else. Ears bunny, babe. [submitted by anon]

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