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Five years together, we got engaged then eloped. Two months later she went off all psychotropic medication (without consulting her doctor) and promptly quit her job. She decided to pursue making clay pins to sell on Etsy. That was her plan to make money.

She brought in up upwards of $20 a month. She couldn't/wouldn't listen to reason. I moved out. Didn't contact her for a month, but was served a restraining order AT WORK. Judge had to explain to her what a restraining order was in court.

We finally divorced and I have moved on. I hope she's gotten the help she needs

[submitted by bob]


Burger King Toilet Sex

We got together and he was showing all his “friends” ,which was pretty much the entire popular male population in our school year, my nudes and then told everyone about our sex life which made them fe


My ex is a fucking dickwad who needs to honestly take his tiny shrivelled penis and shove it in a blender. i hope he catches an std from his new girl. he needs to jump off a cliff and drown [submitted

Ears Bunny Babe!

Decided to text me while literally fucking someone else. Ears bunny, babe. [submitted by anon]


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