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Real People talking sh*t about their Ex

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•Didn’t finish in bed for four (4) years

•Broke up with me the day after my college graduation

•Texted me on my birthday saying “thanks for wishing me a happy birthday, sorry to hear about your grandma’s passing” (didn’t mention my birthday at all)

•Told me my dad’s an asshole in the middle of breaking up with me

•Left me with an insurmountable amount of trauma (unpacking emotional manipulation and sexual abuse/assault is no fucking joke)

[submitted by anon]

He cheated on me with my MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[submitted by anon]

dated me without calling it official and after 6 months sleeping in the same bed they ghosted me irl. found out from a mutual friend that they never fell out of love with their ex that they dumped. the two of them are back together now <3

[submitted by anon]

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